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Our story

UpRooM was founded in 2018 as part of Astrakhan Consulting company specialized in Innovation & Technology and Project Management, with the intent of helping project managers, middle managers, and project team members overcome difficulties and constraints remote work inevitably poses on the success of projects.


It has been a long journey for the last 4 years, up to the delivery of UpRooM Version 1 in early 2021, the first lines of code of an early prototype in Mixed Reality have been made in late 2016, to synchronize a Scrum Board displayed in the headset with a digital board displayed on a laptop. It was possible to move a post-it in the headset virtual board and observe the same move simultaneously on the laptop screen.

Our ambition

It became clear that Extended Reality could propose a new front-end for new interactions, with a specific UX and a specific UI that could augment any user experience, working individually or collectively, integrated with the rest of the Digital Workplaces new generation solutions. The idea was to recreate the feeling of engagement that you could have practicing Innovation Games and Visual Management even when you were not physically working with your team in the same room, but remotely.

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