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Are you struggling to communicate your creativity and collaborate with your team across different workspaces?

No worries, UpRooM offers a productive virtual workplace and tools that allow you to unlock your creativity and collective potential, and collaborate with your team from just anywhere in real time without limits.



UpRooM gives a 360° vision of any project with the functionality “Obeya”. The team gets a better understanding of any stake, context, or status, allowing all project stakeholders to follow the project from first glance.


UpRooM creates a virtual environment accessible to all stakeholders
to manage their projects as well as create status reports using XR widgets to enhance the project performance and productivity in many ways.


UpRooM offers a way to shorten the distance between team members virtually by facilitating communications and improving information flows.
It promotes team collaborations,
no matter where you are.



UpRooM offers 4 main management solutions: 


  • Innovation Management : Encouraging the new idea design to think out of the box, using various techniques
    of Lean Start-up and Design Thinking frameworks

  • Project Management : Including the most effective practices in project management domain and make it available
    in one

  • Change management : As we believe that a change enabler is people, the new Lean Change Management concept
    is then developed for you to exploit

  • People management : Implementing the most modern management style, we think of Management 3.0 as the best technique to motivate teams

These functionalities make UpRooM the first end-to-end project
management solution. What else could you ask for?


UpRooM was founded in 2018 as part of Astrakhan Consulting company specialized in Innovation & Technology and Project Management, with the intent of helping project managers, middle managers, and project team members overcome difficulties and constraints remote work inevitably poses on the success of projects.


The dynamics of today’s business world require people to be flexible and deliver work fast. Emerging technologies and innovations set the already highly competitive business world yet in an even faster motion, demanding creativity and, thereby accentuating the importance of collective intelligence and fruitful collaboration. Especially in a competitive industry, collaboration can mean the difference between success and failure. 


At the same time, people cannot be physically present to work together in the same workspace all the time, but the work cannot wait. Companies and project teams have increasingly become geographically dispersed, making physical meetings more difficult. However, remote working is, more often than not, known to disrupt the work process and communication, limits creativity, and consequently, threaten the project’s success.


Specializing in Agility and Innovation Management, we produce a product that unlocks the full collective potential of people working in a project in a way that they can work on the same project in real time from just anywhere, express their creativity, and utilize their collective intelligence beyond limits. It transforms the way people work and makes project management much easier and more efficient like never before.


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